Baby Pumpkin

Happy October everyone!

I don’t know if anyone is like me but I absolutely love Halloween, just everything about it! The dressing up, decorations, lots of sweets what’s not to love.

How many of you take your little ones Trick or Treating. How excited are they to get lots of sweets 🙂 What are they going to dress as this year?

It’s a shame I’m too old for that, Trick or Treating was my absolute favourite, especially the part when you come back and see how much you have got!  Luckily enough, we always did really well.

As well as Halloween, half term comes too. What will you get up, are you going to throw any spooky Halloween parties. Why not have a spooky princess or Fairy, to play all the best games: bobbing for apples, the mummy game, find the pumpkins!
Check out our website to book an entertainer for lots of spooky fun… www.fairyprincessparties.co.uk

Don’t forget to start carving the pumpkins!

Backs turned

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