We have the new Cinderella dress!

Our beautiful new Cinderella dress arrived the other day and we absolutely couldn’t wait to show it off.
It was good Friday and what a perfect day to go out and meet the people of Windsor. All the children had broken up for the Easter holidays and how lovely would it be for them to meet a Princess whilst out shopping.

Our little friend Lillie came along as mini Cinderella and she totally stole the show. She is absolutely adorable and everyone agreed. So big Cinderella and her mini me walked up and down Windsor high street having their pictures taken with lots of little Princes and Princesses.

We were very lucky as it wasn’t very cold and it didn’t rain! We had lots of great feedback saying how lovely the dress was and how wonderful it would be to to have a Princess at their birthday party. If you would like Cinderella or any other Princess at your party or event head to fairyprincessparties.co.uk for more details.

Have a look at our video of the outing!

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