The filming of ‘Let it go’ in the mountains

Most of you have probably seen the video of The Snow Queen performing to ‘Let It Go’ in the real snowy mountains.
Well, although the outcome looks very glamorous and jolly, the filming was definitely not! haha
I was in Bulgaria on a Snowboarding holiday for my uncles 50th birthday. I took along my costume as it would look nice in some snowy photos.
However we were busy most days. The first couple of days, although there was snow on the floor, the sun was shining and everyone was boiling hot. The last 2 days the snow just kept falling, until the snow was becoming very deep on the ground.
Of course I managed to leave it to the last day to take the pictures! A few days before hand, we decided it would be a brilliant idea to film me performing to ‘Let it go’ whilst actually standing in the ideal setting.
So the last day arrived and first of all we went on some Ski-do’s, which are basically jet skis for snow. I did my Elsa make up and hair perfectly before we went on, so I would be ready to make the video after. Well, it was the worst experience of my life, it was so cold and I was on the back of one so I was constantly being thrown around due to the un-settled ground. So that was an hour of coldness and pain.
After I came off the Ski-do I was so cold I went to the nearest hotel to buy a hot chocolate and warm up. I also used this hotel as my dressing room!
I warmed up a bit and got my costume on, with my coat over the top to walk to the first filming location. I braved talking my coat off and stepped into the snow, to walk to the first scene (you will see in the video).
As I took my first step into the snow I almost fell in, the snow was so deep it came up to my knees!
I had to quickly get over that and walk to the middle of the forest area to shoot the first take.
I honestly can’t tell you how cold I was, I genuinely thought my hands were going to fall off. There is a part in the video where I pick up the snow and throw it… well I seriously regretted that after. lol

My sister was filming and because the snow was coming down so thick and fast she had to put a coat over her head to avoid her camera getting wet.

After we filmed the first scene we ran back to the hotel for another hot chocolate and to warm up again. There was a little girl in there and she couldn’t believe that Elsa was there drinking in her hotel. She rushed over to show me her top, which of course had a picture of Elsa on it. We took photos together and I think it made her day 🙂

Then to film the next ‘ice castle’ scene. This was actually the hotel we were using to warm up in, we thought it really looked like a palace so would be perfect. So there I was back in the freezing cold with people watching wondering what was going on. We kept getting so many distractions of people walking out the door, 2 men were scraping the snow from the floor and kept getting in the way. We also filmed a section right next to the hotel of me walking and then a ski-do came behind so I had to run out of the way. All the distractions meant we had to do more takes, which meant more time in the cold. I am going to make an out-takes video because you will find it really funny seeing all the mishaps.

So that was pretty much it, we filmed what we needed then I quickly got changed to have something to eat before our transport arrived to take us to the airport. Then off we went home. It was an all round success!

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for the out-takes video. Here is the video of ‘Let it go’ in case you didn’t see it.

Best Wishes

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