Billie’s Surprise

We had the pleasure of meeting little Billie on Sunday, her mum and dad had arranged for her to meet The Snow Queen but hadn’t told her anything about it. In fact they told her she was going to meet Darth Vader which she was not happy about!

So Billie knocked on the door and when she walked through and saw The Snow Queen sitting there reading her favourite book ‘Frozen’ I don’t think she could believe it. Luckily Billie’s mum had packed her beautiful Princess dress and she couldn’t get it on fast enough.

She was a bit star struck at first but soon began telling us how many times she had seen the film and how she knows all the words to the songs. What a clever little 5 year old!
So they had lots of photos taken together, then of course sung her favourite song ‘Let it go’ and we could tell that she must have had a lot previous practice, as she knew all the words, all the actions she even threw her crown off when Elsa does in the film!

Then they sang ‘For the first time in forever reprise’ and at the end Billie ducked because she actually thought The Snow Queen was going to freeze her.

After that they read books and played with puzzles until it was time to say goodbye. Billie didn’t want to leave bless her and I don’t blame her, after meeting your idol you would want to stay forever.
That night I was told she went to sleep one very happy little girl singing all the songs.

Thankyou so much for choosing we hope to meet you again soon.

DSC03470 billie elsa DSC03460


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