Photo Shoot

Well, what fun we had at our photo shoot the other day. We had Cinderella, The Snow Queen & The Snow Princess all drop in to have their pictures taken. Unfortunately Rapunzel was too busy brushing her hair so she couldn’t make it, but she promised she would come next week!

We also had another little guest, her name is Lillie and she is 4. When she walked in and saw the Princesses she froze, just as if The snow Queen had thrown an icy spell!

She had no idea she would be having a photo shoot with real Princesses and she ran in the other room to put her own Princess dress on. Everyone had lots of photos taken which you will see on our website very shortly

After the photos had been taken Lillie had one request, probably the same request every little girl would wish for. That was to sing ‘Let it go’ with her favourite princess of all time.

So please watch her to see what a lovely little princess she makes!


She doesn’t know it yet but Fairy Princess Parties are going to surprise her at her very own Princess Birthday Party next month, but ssshhhhh!


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