Princess Fantasy

It’s every little girls dream to grow up to be a princess, I’m talking from experience.

From a very early age I would watch all the Fairytales, Cinderella was my favourite! So I would clean the floors and tidy up just as she did (my parents didn’t complain!) I would sing songs, dance around and dress in pretty costumes saying ‘when I grow up I’m going to be a princess’. Well guess what, my dream really did come true, which is why I started Fairy Princess Parties, so not only could I be a princess, but also to give a truly magical experience to all other little boys and girls who’s dream is to grow up to be a Prince or Princess.

I have been doing parties for a very long time now and every time I get so excited when I see the look of surprise when the children first meet the Princess. Their expression is priceless as they look around the room in disbelief that their favourite Princess which they have read about and seen on TV is actually standing right there in front of them.

That is the reason I love my job, if I could carry on making little boys and girls dreams come true and brightening up their day, then I will be one very happy Princess!



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